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Specials/Discounts Natural Henna tattoo


3D Brows/Microblading is a technique where pigment is inserted into the brows in hairlike strokes mimicking the look of real hair! This service is semi-permanent so you wont have to worry about fillling in your brows everyday. It also enables you to change your shape if you decide to follow brow trends. Clients are sayiing that they love how they have fuller, more permanent, natural looking brows! This service is ideal for anyone with sparse, gappy, thin or little to no eyebrows. You will leave with natural fuller looking brows that will last up to 2 years! We will launch this service in October 2017 for $350. If you'd like to save $200 we will be having a presale! Our first 10 people to pay $150 in full will receive this service for $150!!! Our Presale will begin September 15th at 12:00 midnight. To be notified once the presale begins, please fill out the form to the right! You will be notified 2 hours prior! Dont miss out!