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Client Reviews Fast Brazilian waxing, Baton Rouge

" I definitely will be a frequent returning client. I got my eyebrows threaded, and I must say that this was the most relaxed I've ever felt getting this service done. She created such a soothing atmosphere. Wonderful esthetician. Glad I found her in baton rouge,la.

Jazz Lynn Herndon- Client

"Jezrell is awesome! I am a new client of hers and I must say I will most definitely continue to get my eyebrows threaded by her! It's affordable and she makes the appointment personal. I have been to alot of places for my eyebrows and she is the first person to take the time out to teach me how to grow my eyebrows back. She definitely takes pride in what she does and her clients.

April Rollins-Client

"Jezrell is amaaaazing. I love her place! It's small, personalized, affordable, and she is the most talented threader I've gone to locally. She really listens to what you want in a way no one else ever has, in my experiences (in any city in the U.S.). Highly recommend!

Sarah-Client- Client

I used to get my eyebrows threaded with Jezrell at Just Stringz in the Mall of Louisiana and followed her when she opened her private practice. I'm really picky about my eyebrows and have never been disappointed by her. Scheduling is easy and she always has promotions going on. She is the best!! 5/5 would recommend!!

Larissa Runge- Client

I have very thin eyebrows. Ive been to many places and have not experienced someone that knows how to shape my brows evenly. Jezerell is the only professional that can thread my brows to perfection. I also like her appointment system, easy to schedule and get in!

Latreci Brumfield- Client

When I first met Jezrell at the Mall of Louisiana in Just Stringz. She was so kind and passionate about her work in beauty. I knew at that moment I wanted her to continue working on my beauty requests. Now that she has her own business I will continue to support her. Keep doing what you do which is excellent.

Valencia Elese- Client